Welcome to Bristol Locksmiths and Security

24 Hour Emergency Locksmiths Covering the whole of Bristol, South Gloucester & Western Super Mare

Bristol Locksmiths and Security was started by Mark Burnell after training with a leading locksmith franchise. Mark was forced to go it alone when the people behind the franchise got in to financial difficulties and since that time Bristol Locksmiths and Security has gone from strength to strength, now having 4 competent standard and emergency locksmiths at your disposal.

We try very hard to keep our overheads to a minimum and keep our prices affordable, however we are at the mercy of the petrol companies and the hike in VAT. We have recently deregistered for VAT and therefore no longer charge as such, and this has in effect, led to a price reduction for the domestic customer.

Estimates for locksmith services in Bristol

When making an enquiry, whether for a standard or emergency locksmith service in Bristol, we can normally give a fairly accurate estimate of how much the job should cost. We are however reliant on the customer trying to describe what the problem is and experience shows that the customer’s description can be a far cry from what the real issue is!

When you are unfortunate enough to get locked out, our Bristol locksmiths will initially try to affect a non-destructive entry. If your lock is broken and it can be fixed then we will fix it; no replacements will be made unless absolutely necessary or the customer instructs us to do so.

One of the most important considerations in today's market place is price! We won’t compromise on price when it comes to selecting the locks we sell, cheap is not always the answer. There are plenty of cheap products available that offer little in the way of quality or longevity, you won’t save much by buying a cheap lock, and it can sometimes cost you more. As reliable and local locksmiths in Bristol we stick to tried and tested products that are affordable and meet the demands of our customers.

Student & OAP discount on locksmiths services in Bristol

We offer discounts to OAPs and students and our hourly rate decreases with the amount of hours you require us to work. Prices start at £44.00, but in all cases we can give a fixed price for labour and a good idea of the material costs that we would anticipate using.