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At Bristol Locksmiths & Security, our professionals provide a range of security upgrades to protect and improve properties in and around Bristol. From garage door locks to cylinder upgrades, we offer all security improvements required to create a safe and secure environment. We will discuss your exact specifications with them to ensure we deliver the best solutions for your needs and wants.

Our company is also proud to offer professional locksmith training, giving you skills to start your career or grow your business.


Locks and Upgrades

We offer all the locks on the market so our company can cater to all your requirements. Some of the core locks and cylinders our locksmiths offer include:

  • Union Locks

  • ERA Locks

  • Legge Locks

  • Mortis Locks

  • Chubb Locks

  • 1 Star British Standard Cylinders

  • 3 Star British Standard Cylinders

1 Star British Standard Cylinders

1 Star British Standard Cylinders need to meet the requirements of BS 3621:2017 and a minimum need for BS EN 1303:2015. These standards cover tests against lock bumping, physical attack, plug extraction, key security, fire resistance and durability.

3 Star British Standard Cylinders

1 Star British Standard Cylinders need to do everything 1 Star cylinders can withstand attacks to the standards noted in PAS24. These standards must be met without additional security handles, so they have to resist snapping attacks.

Comprehensive Security Improvements

The Bristol Locksmiths & Security team provides a complete range of security upgrades to meet our clients’ requirements. We offer:

  • Cylinder Upgrades

  • Garage Door Locks

  • Window Security Upgrades

  • Child-Friendly Window Restrictors

We begin security improvement jobs with a site inspection to accurately diagnose any problems. Our locksmiths will then liaise with you on the best solutions to optimise security. Our company will provide several options or packages that fulfil your requirements. 

Our experts will remove any faulty existing cylinders that are non-conforming and remove the handles if needed. We complete seamless replacements with your chosen new cylinder and new handle.

We will test the functionality of the system and all components to ensure they are working properly.

Our team can advise on any faulty elements and if they need replacing. Our team can advise you on all the security upgrades we offer. We can discuss the best upgrades for your property in Bristol or any of the surrounding areas.

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